About Us

R8 Adventures was formed in June 2021 by Paul, who being an Owner of the formidable Audi R8 V10 wanted to get out more and drive his car with like minded car enthusiasts. Paul was and still is a member of the supercar community and supports that as much as possible, whenever he can. But his passion for the R8, and the lack of them at some other group meets, as well as the fact that other R8 Groups in the UK, just didnt give him what he wanted from an R8 group, Paul decided to try and form an R8 Group for a few local R8 cars, so he could get out and about more, on Adventures and Tours in his spare time. 

Paul put a lot of time and effort into setting up a small local group, but interest from other like minded R8 enthusiasts, soon saw it starting to grow. By the middle of July 2021 just one month later, the group had exceeded 200 members, spanning from Scotland to Cornwall and still growing.

In 2022 it has grown to over 700 members all of whom are enjoying quality events, meets and tours for FREE,  Meeting great like minded individuals as well as gaining subsidised motoring benefits from our range of club partners that support us.

The ethos of the group is enjoyment, meeting like minded R8 enthusiasts, getting together on trips and outings. as well as making some great friends along the way. It is centred around like minded R8 enthusiats, their passion for the R8 and enjoyment they derive from it. 

The group has now become an OFFICIAL R8 CLUB with support from outside organisations who are happy to support this growing club. We now have the support of Charles and Shaun as Admin Support, but we are also looking for more Admin support for the South East Area and also the North East Area, please feel free to get in contact.

If you own an R8, Live in the UK&I and love getting out and about in it, why not Join us and have some fun.


If you just Love the Audi R8 Supercars and want to follow what we do.




South East Admin Support                           North East Admin Support

Club Photographer/videographers               Social Media Support Person

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